Special Issue Journal of Human Geography and Environmental Studies

Special Issue 2, December 2018

Article Number: 05 

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Dilemmas for Zanzibar: Energy, Economy and Environment

Juma, S.A.

Pages 419-429

Abstract—This study is presenting a Policy analysis of the relationship between energy, economy, and environment in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The Zanzibar government are in a dilemma to balance between economy, energy system and environmental sustainability. This paper aims to contribute to the literature by offering an analytical study of the mentioned E3 mainly to the developing countries. The Analysis was based on a review of the literature and supported by theoretical models about energy, economy, and environment. Zanzibar is importing its energy source form Tanzania mainland through the supplier known as Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) which make it more dependent from one primary source of energy that poses many challenges in its socio-economic development. This paper can be used by policymakers while during their policy-making process regarding energy, economy, and environment. The paper has also presented the challenges of the environment in the rapidly growing economy. The author has analysed and discussed these challenges, and its success or failure can be used as a model in other developing countries. This study can help (potential) Government officers, policymakers, and regulators to assess policy risks between energy, economy, and environment.

Keywords—energy, economy, environment, Zanzibar economy, policy risks, energy security, energy economy