The Special Issue Journal of Human Geography and Environmental Studies (formerly International Journal of Human Geography and Environmental Studies) focuses on the study of intangible or abstract patterns surrounding human action and the systematic study of human interaction with the environment. The Journal is social science related encompassing aspects of human, political, cultural, historical, and development geography, as well as the natural and built environment. Methodologically, the Journal encourages research from both quantitative and qualitative methods, which may include case studies, survey research, statistical analysis, and model building. Specific topics may highlight human enterprises and social environments including urban, health, economics, trade, policy, politics, law, planning, pollution control, and interactions of human beings and nature based settings.


Centro Italiano ISSN                     

Biblioteca Centrale "G. Marconi"         

Piazzale Aldo Moro, 7                             

00185 Rome Italy                                  

Country code: ITA

Center code: D

Code: ISSN 2036-7910

Commencement date: 2009



Authors that are submitting there work to the Special Issue Journal of Human Geography and Environmental Studies (i.e., manuscript, book review, or conference paper), please download and compile the two files under the Manuscript Submission Guidelines for Authors section under PCS Publishing, Co. section of this website and submit all documentation as directed.

Special Issue 2, December 2018

(Excerpt from ICSHGE18 Conference Proceedings)

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