Special Issue Journal of Human Geography and Environmental Studies

Special Issue 2, December 2018

Article Number: 04

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How efficient is urban land speculation?

Gemeda, B.S. 

Pages 408-418

Abstract—This piece of writing aims to scrutinize the upshot of speculation in land at the urban sideline on resource allotment. Following identifying supplementary than a few distinct possessor types, the authors disclose that changes in possession as fighting fit as to the temperament and use of the land were the key indicators of urban land speculation. To conquer this rationale, it has engaged a case-study come within reach of and model plan. A straightforward self-motivated model of the residential spot is urbanized, and its properties are analyzed both qualitatively and numerically. One verdict is that social expenditure in a distinctive municipality is greater than earlier than by on the subject of 5 % to 11% as a consequence of speculative increases in the value of unoccupied land. What is more, the land is high-priced for the rationale that of gossip.

Keywords—speculation, tax, model, opportunity cost