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Venue Location

Name of Venue: Council Chambers (in Italian: Sala Consiliare, Comune di Diano Marina)

Venue Address: Piazza Martiri della Liberta', Diano Marina (IM), Italy

Venue Website:

Map of Venue Location [Direct Link to Google Maps]

Photos of Council Chambers and Venue Building

Location of City

[Map of southern Europe]

The location of Diano Marina (IM), Italy is along the Italian Riviera of Flowers, east of Monaco and the French border. The map on the left of southern Europe shows Imperia's location as labelled 'A'.  [Map of the City of Imperia and Diano Marina (IM), Italy]

The map on the right is a closeup of the City of Imperia, divided between Imperia West called Porto Maurizio, Imperia East called Oneglia, and the town of Diano Marina (IM) located in the eastern most section of the map as labelled 'A'.For more details of these images follow the direct link coded to the venue for the conference from [Google Maps].

Conference Program Timetable

6 November 2009 - DAY - Friday 

7 November 2009 - DAY 2 - Saturday 

 8 November 2009 - DAY 3 - Sunday 


Accommodation arrangements should be made within the municipality of Diano Marina (IM) (in Italian: Comune di Diano Marina (IM)). As the municipality of Diano Marina is not very large (approximately 3 km long) with the train station positioned in the middle of town (a couple hundred meters back from the beach) and the conference venue will be in walking distance to almost any accommodation within the town. Payment for accommodation will be made upon arrival, pre-booking is highly recommended.

Option 1. Accommodations can be booked directly via email and/or use of online hotel communication. A list of available online accommodation with prices is available directly from the following website Visit Riviera dei Fiori, Diano Marina Accommodation []. There is 10 webpages of accommodation listed here, with a wide variety of accommodation needs and prices.

Recommended Accommodation (email bookings):

Eden Park is one of the top hotels is the area. It is beachfront and requires a taxi service from the train station. It is approximately 2km from the conference venue.

Hotel Morchio B&B is very close to both the train station and conference venue. It is the most conveniently located accommodation for the conference. It is positioned basically in the middle of the two. To make a reservation please email the hotel directly.

Nettuno is approximately 600m from the train station and 700m from the conference venue. It sits on the eastern edge of town and overlooks the marine coast of Diano Marina. Reservations must be made via direct communication with the hotel.

Option 2. Under special circumstances, accommodation can be booked by the Center but it is preferred that individuals deal with hotel accommodation without the Center acting as a managing middle-entity. If necessary, the following two recommended hotels can be made by emailing the Center your intended day of arrival and departure and we will book the reservation for you.

Other hotels that are open during the conference period:

Hotel Royal Esplanade is basically in the middle of town and is easily accessible to the train station and conference venue. It is approximately 500m from both. Reservations should be made directly with the hotel online via email. If necessary the Center can arrange bookings (this may take up to 5 business days to confirm).

Transport and Travel to Diano Marina (IM), Italy

Italian National Train Service

Ferrovie dello Stato, TrenItalia website []

All trains on the Italian Riviera of Flowers (Riviera dei Fiori) stop at Diano Marina (IM) and the conference venue is approximately 300m from the Diano Marina train station.

Photos of Diano Marina Train Station

Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur (NCE) []

Aeroporto di Genova (GOA) []

Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) []


Milan Linate International Airport (LIN)

Tourism Details

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